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Composite Safety Overshoes (Single Pairs)

Composite Safety Overshoes (Single Pairs)

The Gaston Mille Safety Cap Overshoe is a world patented accessory to slip over the top of visitors' shoes and is now available in a composite toe cap.



  • EFFECTIVE: against impacts and compression risks thanks to a steel toe cap with up to 240j impact protection. The overshoe also protects against splashes, cutting risks, dust and abrasion.
  • PRACTICAL: thanks to a removable strap adaptable to different heights of the heel. It has flexible material to fit just about any urban style shoe and also features an anti-slip half sole.
  • ECONOMICAL: because it can be re-used by different visitors. Its removable and interchangable strap increases the accessory's longevity.
  • HYGIENIC: as it is sanitised and made out of washable material. There is no direct contact between the foot and the safety overshoe therefore it is perfect for the occasional visitors.
  • SIMPLE: to slip on over the shoe. They come in only 3 sizes which cover the full range between sizes 2.5UK - 13U.
    The sizes can easily be idenified by colour on the sole of the overshoe.
    Small - Yellow
    Medium - Orange
    Large - Blue

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)

Slip resistant half sole

Removable and interchangeable strap

Protection tongue for the instep

Composite toe cap with up to 240j impact protection